Angelo Carava happens to be the best scientist that has ever lived but despite his formidable talents he has so far failed to understand the universe he inhabits – a universe with only seven stars. His attempts to find the answer bring him into conflict with religious establishments who want to silence him, rival scientists who both admire and are jealous of his achievements and alien races who want to abduct him for his genius. Meanwhile, events in a hidden eighth star system threaten to overwhelm the other seven. And unknown to Carava he is being inexorably sucked into the nightmare and that his actions will have consequences centuries later.
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“Excellent Read”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Mratclif

This novel was inspiring and takes the reader into an entirely different world! The author does a great job with the variety of scenes that take place within this story. The book follows the main character Angelo Carava as he runs for his life just for being a genius capable of coming up with foreign military weapons. I highly recommend this book because there is so much that happens it is hard to explain in one simple paragraph. I also do not want to share any spoilers.

About the Author

Brian Martin has a background in computer software development and a keen interest in science and, of course, science fiction. He strives to use the genre to say something about the human condition, where we’re going and the impact technology has upon society. The Continuum Sphere Chronicles is his first published work.

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