The Contractor by Frank Okolo

THE CONTRACTOR This is the book the White House doesn’t want you to read. Now available. Under new cover. For your eyes only. A jihadist group in the Middle East teams up with rogue Russian generals to take out a sitting United States president whose policies threaten a major shift in global nuclear power. They must stop him, even if that means assassinating the president and destroying that symbolic edifice of American power, the White House. They send in a specialist, Nabil Hamdoon, a.k.a. The Contractor. He has a 100% mission success rate. NSA, DHS and the FBI pick up chatter but are clueless in the mad scramble to locate and neutralize the Contractor as he spreads mayhem and death across Illinois, Maryland and the District of Columbia. He looks set to accomplish his mission as an increasingly desperate FBI and Secret Service dog his heels. Could one woman stop him?
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About the Author

Frank has been an airline pilot for over twenty-nine years, flying as Captain on types such as the B737-800, ERJ-190, DC-9, MD-82, B-737-300, BAC-111, DHC-6 aircraft, and Challenger (CL-60). He currently flies for Air Peace on the B-737 Classic and writes every opportunity he gets. He has over 17,200 hours total flying time, and has been involved in aviation one way or another for the past forty years.

Writing has been Frank’s major love, apart from aviation. He graduated from Bradley University, Peoria, Illinois in 1982 with a degree in English Literature. He has been published variously in several flight magazines and journals, and in 2012 came out with his first novel ‘The Contractor’, an e-book. The book will be reissued soon in print and ebook format in summer 2016.

Just out is his new book, ‘One Thousand Days In the Sun’ and coming soon ‘Journal of the late Amelia Earhart.’

Frank is married with four boys, and lost his dog Shakespeare back in Illinois, and the heartbreak was so much he refuses to keep another dog until he lives on a fenced in yard on a farm, far from automobiles and the madding crowd.

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