The Courtyard Corpse by Sherry Lodge

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Book Description

Can down-to-earth Cassie Hall prove her skills when she lands a plum concierge job at the upscale Parkstone? After discovering the dead body of a professional golfer, and resident millionaire, Kip Ace in the crabapple tree courtyard, Cassie finds the residents’ demands are the least of her worries.

With less than a day to catch the killer Cassie must sort through the residents’ motives which have piled up quicker than rent checks on the 1st of the month. Soon, mysterious power outages, a missing lease, and a wine cellar mystery are par for the course.

Everything is off-kilter with the building on 24-hour lock-down. Can Cassie find the holes in the residents’ stories before it’s too late?
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About the Author

Author of the series: A Cassie Hall Concierge Mystery.

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