617qxyCZnNL._UX250_Gemcie and her Irish Hunter, Marshal, are about to capture the World Cup when a nasty fall dashes their chances. While she is mending, her arch rival seizes this opportunity to catch a ride on Marshal, and to seduce her young husband. Confused and dazed by her new circumstances, Gemcie heads for the high Sierras hoping the majestic spires that captured the heart of the father she never met will provide the answers she seeks. She finds strength and solace riding solo on the John Muir Trail, but a bear attack ends her time of introspection and places her in the care of a solitary cowboy manning a fire lookout. Brady shows her love and gives her the courage to get back in the saddle. Haunted by images of Marshal being abused by his owners, Gemcie returns to rescue him and fly high with him once more. Ballou’s prose gallops ahead at breakneck speed as she takes you along on this wild ride.

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“Excellent Equine Novel!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Sharon Miner

The Cowgirl Jumped Over the Moon by Linda Ballou is a novel for all horse lovers. It’s exciting, inspiring and has a realistic setting and great characters.

Gemcie has the perfect life: great show jumping horse, excellent trainer and a “fairy tale” husband. Then, after a serious jumping accident, it’s all snatched away from her, in part by a devious competitor who takes both her horse and husband.

When she learns the truth about her father, she heads to the mountains her father loved in hopes of healing physically and emotionally. A new chapter in her life begins when she meets a lone cowboy.

Her confidence returns, and she longs to jump with her beloved horse again.

This well-written novel has lovely details about the great outdoors as well as the horse show scene.

About the Author

A love triangle of extremes has proven to be a solid base for my writing. From my roots in Alaska I receive strength, centeredness and respect for the awful power of nature. Numerous adventure articles, essays on my website are set in my homeland. In Hawaii I found a spiritual awakening, sensuality, peace and my heroine for my historical novel, Wai-nani–A Voice from Old Hawaii. In proud California I obtained a degree in English Literature from Northridge University and a doctorate in urban savvy. I continue to enjoy opportunities here for intellectual stimulation, exciting contacts and friends. My armchair travel collection, Lost Angel Walkabout-One Traveler’s Tales, is filled with chills, spills, and giggles takes you to Alaska, Costa Rica, New Zealand and the wild west of North America!

In my latest novel Cowgirl Jumped Over the Moon Grand Prix jumper Gemcie McCauley takes a tumble on Marshal, her Irish Hunter, that turns her world upside down. She heads for the high Sierras to find her balance and meets Brady, a solitary cowboy, who gives her the courage to get back into the saddle and beat the odds. She returns to reclaim Marshal and fly high with him once more.
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