The creation of Gate Lady

by Robert S Baker (Author)

In the city's heart, crime thrives. Redemption demands life's sacrifice.

Book Description:​

The world is changing beyond recognition. Millions of hectares are devastated by construction worldwide, and the population is exploding, encouraging economic migrants.

The City of London is no exception, swamped with every nationality. Crime is rife, and the prison’s bulging at the seams. Something had to be done.

Under extreme pressure, the government reintroduced the death penalty to help alleviate the soaring crime statistics with the controversial opt-out clause for those on death row. A prisoner could escape death by donating the remainder of his life to medical science to test new drugs and operational procedures.

Some prisoners believed it might be a way of escaping if they agreed to sign over their lives. They have no idea what they’re facing.

Behind closed doors, Parliament approved the bill with an all-party agreement. The new department is not answerable to anyone and could perform whatever is necessary to eradicate the soaring crime.

Codename: Redemption.

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Robert S Baker (Author)

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Harriet Hodgson knows grief all too well. She is a bereaved mother, daughter, sister, daughter-in-law, wife, and friend. After four family members died in 2007, Harriet started writing her grief story and literally wrote her way to healing. “Telling your story is immensely helpful,” she says. “Writing is a way to become whole again.”

The creation of Gate Lady

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