51PhkkVhSiL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Felicity Bough lives in a world where there is only the Light and the Dark.

A thrilling debut fantasy

Over a thousand years ago, the sun shone in the sky, but when the Deathmoon permanently eclipsed it, the world was thrown into the clutches of the Dark. The only light comes from the Wellsprings, magical fountains of illumination that shine day round, keeping the Dark at bay. It is around the Wellsprings that humanity has built a 1950’s style world of soda shops, rock and roll music and film stars. Yet beyond this peace and prosperity, the Darkness ever looms.

After a terrible magical accident, Felicity finds herself stranded deep within the Dark, having to rely on her wits, a unique magical objects and the aid of a mysterious boy named Tobin. She must embark on a perilous journey through twisted forests, frozen cities, bizarre beasts and strange magic, all the while knowing that she is hunted. For deep in the Dark there are monsters that used to be human, and they will rest at nothing to find her.


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About the Author

YA fantasy author of the Crystal Key. Find it on Amazon Kindle. Nerdy and eccentric is my mindset. Ravenclaw sorted.

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