dsdvdPeter Shekle is a regular young boy from Montagne Peak. He is home schooled and has been provided a life of luxuries by his father. With the arrival of new servant Anna Dillon, everything begins to change. Peter learns of the secrets that had been kept from him, that his entire life is a lie.
A note leads Peter to Canaal. This note will decide the freedom, or demise of the cities citizens. But with great change, comes great sacrifice. Does he have what it takes to change history?
‘If we can’t live together, we can only die together.’
– Anna Dillon, THE DAM

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About the Author

Anton Rowenski is an author, poet, and musician hailing from Manchester, UK.
His works are set in dystopian themed worlds, torn apart by political unrest, greed and corruption. He influences his work off authors such as; Veronica Roth, Suzanne Collins, and John Wyndham.

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