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Book Description:

The Dancer available at Amazon, is a simple story of a young woman in love, a young woman who is trying to find out who she is. While the story is simple, the manner in which it unfolds is anything but. And sometimes the ride is so wild it has everyone, including the Author, hanging on to their seats. The Dancer starts on the Stage and that’s where it ends. In between, it goes to the beach, to an Artist’s Studio, to a Native Village. We come to understand that the Artist’s Studio and Native Village are other worlds. Will the Dancer find true love? Will she find her place in the World? In the second story, Dancer, a Chief, a Shaman, a God who is a horse, and Dancers other close friends must heal the holes that have developed between the worlds. In book three, The Dancer becomes the Dancer Magnifique and the story’s focus more on her daughter who is now The Dancer. In book four, The Dancer meets Salmon, her true love. Book five is Butterfly’s story (Salmon’s sister). Butterfly and The Dancer are best friends, until one day
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About the Author ▸ Dale Stubbart

In the beginning … there was a happy baby. This happy baby was not just happy, it was excited about life! Life was good, and everything in life was provided for this baby’s happiness. Then life happened and the happy baby started to feel separated from that happiness. But life was not all bad. From time to time the happy baby found ways to reconnect to that state of being happy – climbing a tree, exploring its world, understanding the fabric of life, grasping the essence of complexity. As life went on, the happy baby was forgotten. Trees were still climbed. The world was still explored. The fabric of life was still understood. The essence of complexity was still grasped. But the connection experienced by these events did not bring the happy baby back. It just kept the world from falling apart. Even though forgotten, happy baby was still alive and well … happy. And it was not about to settle for life being anything but happy. Happy baby had let others be in charge long enough – now it was his turn. Happy baby took the crown off the child’s head and led him back to the tree. Oh, how good it felt to connect with the tree once more – to remember how good it was when happy baby was in charge. Oh, yeah! This was the life! Then happy baby led the child into its world. Here were all the people. Here was the earth. Yes, they had been here all along, but somehow the child had just walked through them as though they were wisps of air. Not like they were solid beings with whom he could connect. The connections were starting. The child could feel the happiness rippling through him. Yeah! This is going to be good! Once the happy baby was in charge, happiness started filling the holes in the fabric of life. Once the happy baby was in charge, the essence of complexity no longer fell on deaf ears. The child was at home now. Life was good and happiness was to be had in abundance. The happy baby was in charge. And the child remembered what it was like to be young – young and happy. As a happy baby I run Yellow Bear Journeys where we follow the WIND and embrace who we are meant to be. I’m also a Computer Consultant, helping individuals with websites and large companies with big data conversion projects. You can find my stories here, at Yellow Bear Journeys and at Fantastic Stories for You. I write SciFi/Fantasy, Computer, Save the Earth and Spiritual books. I even have one book of gourmet applesauce recipes I created. My stories are mostly geared for general audiences, are easy to read, definitely not boring. Most are humorous and most are love stories.