Dawn was happy, she had a father who gave her everything, a family in the form of The Dawn Fallen the MC club her father ran, and a lover in Titan who was her soul mate.

What she didn’t expect was the betrayal from the two men she loved the most, and the years of misery that would follow. After ten years away from the club, she is forced to go back to pay her respects to the man she left behind all those years ago.

She eventually finds a friend in Shade who stands at her side when lies are exposed, and her father’s past comes back to haunt her. That friendship turns into something deeper, and she finds herself in danger once again. Demands are made, and Dawn takes matters into her own hands.

All she has ever wanted is a family to love and to be loved back. Going back and facing her past wasn’t easy, but what she gains is so much more.

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