The Day for You the Night for Me

by – N. Sherry (Author)

Set in the 1940s A journey of love and honor. Family values and secrets., A time when folklore and myth were a part of everyday life.

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Book Description:

Set in the 1940s A journey of love and honor. Family values and secrets., A time when folklore and myth were a part of everyday life.
Newlyweds Mochian and Kate embarked on their journey together.
However, it’s not long before a family secret causes its ugly side to challenge and change its world.
Threatening not just their happiness but everyone and everything that they hold dear. Can they ever pay the deal??
Can they restore an order? Or, are they fated to a life of tragedy, deception, and suffering?
A dark and gritty story that takes you to the depths, of despair and back.
Love, Secrets. and then some secret deals. Where our different worlds collide , each with its own price to pay.

About the Author: N. Sherry

Hello, my name is Nuala, and my pen name is N,Sherry


The long dark evenings are upon us, and if reading a good story is your forte consider one of those, you won’t be disappointed. They range from Murder to mystery, to the other worlds, to our own. From secrets to deals with the devil, romance, and kidnapping. They between them have it all going on.

One of them will make you laugh. And another may make you weep.

Happy reading and warm, cozy dark nights.

A list of my books are

THE DAY FOR YOU. THE NIGHT FOR ME. —A family saga of love and despair secret deals and the ultimate price.


LAZARUS LARUSSO. A detective in homicide some of his team love him some are suspicious but you will love him, regardless.


TALES OF THE SUPERNATURAL: GHOSTLY ..True and new to you are my personal Ghost and haunting stories collected from my work as a Medium


MINDFULNESS MADE EASY. It is what it says a short trip in making Mindfulness a part of your everyday life.



Thoese are all a few minuet break with a cup of Coffe/ tea stories. to enjoy.

THE CHECK COAT.—-A long lie.

STILL, WATERS RUN DEEP. when murder is necessary to keep a secret.

THE LITTLE BLACK BOOKS: Diaries When a priest comites a crime is all forgotten?

THE HUNTER. A story to recall.

welcome to all my readers and followers.

I am a writer in several genres. I love stories and am always thinking about the next journey through some individual life. In fact, creating a life and world for what is still an undeveloped plot and personnel.

I am also a Holistic therapist in several disciplines. I am a life coach and counselor; I practice Mindfulness, Druidism, Shamanic, and some other disciplines,

I run workshops and do lots of interesting stuff.

My great pleasure is in watching life.

I am a mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother.

We are all mentally and physically challenged in the present times, so with that in mind please stay safe and well, and enjoy an excellent book from me

In the final stages are book two in the series.





And the book that makes me cry is well on its written journey .


. This is a story of my journey with my husband of fifty-odd years in the journey of Dementia.

. I grew up in a family where storytelling, music and song were the accepted evening entertainment.

I treasure some of the recollected tales, that my siblings and I loved.

When our father told us a story, he usually placed it in a recognizable location, and this book in some ways it resembles the countryside where I grew up.


Nuala —

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