DEPRESSION! Dare you enter a man’s life story who has a depressive mind? You will go on a ride feeling the ups and downs, as I go on a tell all tale going through just what depression has done to my life. From high school life and my first relationship, to the falling out of this relationship and what my mind went through when I hit rock bottom. As well as candid comments and a look into an unknown, scary future. It is all here and much more. Check out, The Deep and Depressive mind.
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About the Author

I am just an average guy with a creative urge that has been burning inside me for a while. I find writing extremely therapeutic for my depression. I love to create some vivid imagery and some bleak settings with a twist and turn here and there to keep you, the reader wanting more.

My initial book is my life’s story and how my world has been effected by depression. I am pleased to say people have read it from south Australia to Chicago in the states and everyone has felt something from my work. That is all a budding author can ask for. Enjoy!

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