hghghThe Delicate Balance: A Mindful Approach for Professional and Family Caregivers was written by Phyllis Quinlan RN, PhD, registered nurse, international author, public speaker, and personal coach. This heartfelt and poignant work is intended to help those professional and family caregivers who are suffering under the weight of caring too much at the expense of their own health and wellbeing.

In this book, you will receive insight on:

• The signs & symptoms of compassion fatigue
• The risk factors for development of the toxic effects of caring too much
• The steps to take for recovering from compassion fatigue and re-establish perspective

The Delicate Balance uses the ancient wisdom offered by the Tao Te Ching to inspire and provide guidance to equip the reader with the steps to take for re-establishing perspective and maintaining The Delicate Balance necessary to staying whole, healthy and intact while caring for others.

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Dedicated to celebrating Nurses, offering coaching guidance & raising awareness on the issue of Compassion Fatigue in professional/family caregivers

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