Recently married Anna Devereaux has everything she could ever want—a beautiful home and a wonderful husband. But as Anna begins to settle into her new life, she discovers something sinister and downright terrifying. And when ghosts begin to speak to her, she questions her own sanity.

Unwilling to give into her fears, Anna delves into the history of the Devereaux Estate and discovers she alone has the power to set things right. But who will believe Anna when she is finding it hard to believe herself?
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“An unusual Christmas story.”

Five Star Review on Amazon by John V.

Henry Devereaux, a wealthy railroad magnate takes a bride, Anna, who is but a young lady and finds herself in her husband’s grand home, alone and scared, especially during his protracted absences. The characters are wonderfully drawn and contribute to the air of mystery and suspense that arise from voices and shadows that Anna fears, telling her she is not welcome in her own home. She seeks help from Henry’s Aunt Violet, Jackson, the groundskeeper, and other individuals you may recognize from Joy Ross Davis’s other works. Anna learns to face her fears head on and cope with misfortunes that test her sanity and happiness. This is a delightful paranormal Christmas story that is both imaginative and intriguing.

About the Author

Joy Ross Davis is of Irish descent and a student of the lore and magic found in the hills of Tennessee. After a twenty-five year career as a college English professor, she traveled to Ireland and worked as a writer and photographer, publishing numerous travel articles and photos for an Irish travel agency. She has been a contributing feature writer for a local newspaper and has published articles in Southern literary magazines. She lives in Alabama with her son and beloved dogs. She loves to speak at conferences, book club meetings, and events to share her connection with angels and the stories behind her books.

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