The Devil’s Eclipse

by – Christopher Williams (Author)

6.66 Tales of Horror

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Book Description:

An Anthology of Strange Tales, Unnatural Beings, and Bizarre Occurrences. Welcome reader and beware: these tales are not for the faint of heart. They come from another realm and have been channeled through my mind for your exploration. Keep the lights on if you are smart. Read with a neighbor if you are wise. And share with the damned if you are to escape the cursed trail of which you have begun. Turn the page and enter The Devil’s Eclipse.

About the Author: Christopher Williams

Chris Williams (CW) is a graduate of Morehouse College. Raised in the West End of Louisville, KY and the SWATS (Southwest Atlanta), he enjoys writing gritty crime thrillers, horror, and Sci-Fi.

Look for “Fear Me Now” his first published novel that is a thought provoking spine tingler; the anthology of horror/sci-fi tales found in both volumes of “The Devil’s Eclipse” and the acclaimed story “The Bounty: A Poet on the Run” which is an urban crime adventure based in the SWATS.

Readers begged for more, so Christopher Williams obliged creating “Fear Me Now: The War Annex.” It is a special uncut edition of Fear Me Now with an additional chapter, featuring an ending only built for the warriors. It has received great reviews from all who have dared to read the entire story and “The War Annex.”

“Laugh with me…Cry with me…Ride with me”…as he gives a first hand, autobiographical account

while navigating the constructs of a dysfunctional family…poverty…ignorance…violence…misdeeds…adventures…racism…gunfire…and his eventual transcendence into a young man, who is filled with Black Pride, Self-Determination and a sense of spirituality.

You will have a deeper appreciation for black boys after reading

“Memoirs of a Black Boy: 1979 – 1989,

Come Love Me Now” published October 15th, 2021.

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