A new 10 story collection of science fiction stories by up and coming writer R. W. Warwick.

Travel across dimensions to find your one true love, or journey to Earth’s next ice age where the terrible consequences of nuclear energy still plague mankind’s descendants. From discoveries on a distant asteroid, to reality itself disappearing in a flash of light. Only when humanity’s back is against the wall, does that spark of redemption shine through!

“Pemberton’s Dial”. A jaded writer has an existential crisis when his latest work is plagiarised by a dark political force.

“Whatever Happened to Pangaea?” Explores a young man’s grip on reality when his world is revealed to him as a construct of his imagination.

“Let the Cold Winds Blow”. Tells the fury of a mother who has lost her son in a senseless intergalactic war.

“It Were Aliens”. Describes a prisoner’s struggle with mankind’s harsh new reality when its future is placed in his hands.

“Beyond Scope”. A first contact tale with a twist, told in the tradition of the Golden Age of science fiction.

“The Far Side of Eternity”. Gives us a glimpse of our distant future, and the outlandish consequences of nuclear energy.

The Dial is a provocative look at the future of humanity, and the dangerous paths we might take.
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“The Dial”

Five Star Review on Amazon By ALY

This collection is different from what I normally read but I enjoyed something new. My favorite story was “Whatever Happened to Pangaea” it kept me the most interested in the story and I think seeing/ reading about other peoples imagination can be interesting. I think I have a pretty good imagination myself. I’m sure were exactly we are headed in the future but I’m sure there will be space involved more and more. * I received this book from the author and this is my honest review*

About the Author

Originally from the UK where I worked in London for several years, I am now living and working as a teacher in Japan. I write almost exclusively within the genres of science fiction and horror.

When i’m not using my free time to write, I can be found hiking or climbing the various mountains of rural Japan (of which there are many).

The Dial is the first in a two part collection of science fiction short stories I plan to publish this year.

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