The Disappearance

Harry goes to the cash machine. It's empty. But that happens right ?
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Book Description:

Harry goes to the cash machine. It’s empty. But that happens right ?
Not all over the world at the same time it doesn’t.
A book about what happens the day the world runs out of money, and, more specifically, what happens next.
Won’t ever happen? Remember Greece in ’08. Fifty Euro’s max withdrawal.Remember Lehman’s.Too big to fail. Yeah, right.
If it can happen to a country and it can happen to a bank then what chance do we stand?
The good news though is that this is a fiction book.
Feeling better now? Thought not.
I try to tackle what I see as the serious global issues of the moment. My first book was about data driven election skullduggery, the second about the pandemic, specifically its source, something we will never know the truth about no matter how many inspectors visit China or how many reports get written. So I might be right. Who knows?They’re pretty heavy subjects so I use a mix of levity and detail to provide humor and insights. They provide an alternative take so if you feel well entertained and better informed at the end then that’s mission accomplished and I’ve achieved my goal.
My books are not anti-violence. It’s part of life. But there’s probably enough of it around without me adding to it. So my special ops team who are charged with solving these weighty problems are purposely unarmed. No bullets, no bombs, no bangs and, as a result, probably no Hollywood for me. No matter.
An irreverent mix of action adventure, espionage, romance, sex, hi-tech and exotic locations ( loosely classified as somewhere you don’t live yourself ).

Johnny Johnson (Author)
Finally started writing after surviving twenty years of Corporate nonsense and ten years of running my own targeting and profiling business which was much more fulfilling. Welcome to my series of books about the UK Government’s new Rapid Response Team and an insight into how they operate,with brains beating brawn every time. Each one features a contemporary challenge to the way we live and presents the solutions as devised by The Nines, so called for their above average IQ’s.The stories also feature some of my favourite locations around the world as a backdrop to the international action. And, oh yes, no guns, no bombs and no bullets.’ We don’t do dead bodies in hotels any more.’ explains Commander Harry Shepperton, the team’s leader. ‘ Hell, people have to sleep in those places.’ I live in London and will release my third book in this series in August 2021.
Dear Reader, author’s recently published book “The Disappearance” is now available on leading bookstores, get your copy now and help the author by writing a review of the book.
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