Louis Silvani, UFO lecturer and ET-obsessed blogger, struggles to convey a sense of urgency to his curious followers. After a failed presentation and a terrifying encounter, Louis meets Mary Ellen Velarde, a Jicarilla Apache woman with divine knowledge of Louis, himself. Together they embark on a fast-paced journey of discovery, full of physical and spiritual challenges and people with astonishing abilities. As Mary Ellen gradually reveals her own unique identity, a cell of abductees and veterans forms with a goal of assisting civilization towards its true destiny. Is Disclosure the one event that needs to happen in order to save humanity from itself?The Disclosure Paradox crosses over multiple genres with action, spirituality, social voice, and relatable characters who mirror the diversity in this world. Readers will ponder our existence. The book brings controversial issues to light, which will provoke serious discussion and questioning of convention. The intent is to bring together those who have set religious beliefs and those who rely exclusively on science for guidance. Most of all, after reading the book, it is hoped that people are moved to partake in a spiritual revolution.This book addresses the place where science and spirituality converge. The book will appeal to those who believe in, or question, traditional religious teachings, people with military interests or experience, people that believe in life on other planets, people who believe those in power have ulterior motives, and those who are spiritually awakened.