brainThe Doom Murders has been the recipient of two literary awards – The IDB Award in 2014 and The new Apple Award, 2014, for Excellence in Independent Publishing. The Doom Murders is soon to appear in paperback from Crimson Cloak Publishing, Missouri

Prominent figures in Belfast are being murdered. The bodies are left naked and posed in grotesquely distorted shapes. No clues are left at the forensically immaculate crime scenes except odd theatrical props and some random numbers and letters concealed at each scene by the killer. How are the victims linked? What is the connection between these killings, the bible, and a famous mediaeval painting of The Last Judgement?

Novelist and screenwriter (Film and TV) Eugene Fournier has this to say about The Doom Murders:
A disturbingly deep and satisfying Irish novel that pretends to be just an intriguing murder mystery set in Belfast. Despite its dark topic and the gruesome series of almost medieval killings that form its backbone, The Doom Murders surprises the reader with its wonderfully warm yet constricted microcosm of police and crime scenes, victims and suspects. Everything is drawn with an acerbic pen – whether it’s the city, its institutions, or the gaggle of fascinating characters that populate the novel – all are at once engaging and, at the same time, flawed….but everything is authentic and thoroughly Irish… The serial crimes are thought-provoking, the clues make sense and the motivations ring true and all is resolved in a very satisfying manner.

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Brian O’Hare has written a wonderful whodunit. The Doom Murders will keep you guessing …

Review  on Amazon by  By Diane Munier

Brian O’Hare has written a wonderful whodunit. The Doom Murders will keep you guessing until the very end. I really liked Inspector Sheehan. He is a fully developed character and his budding romance with Margaret is charming and endearing. The murders are properly sensational. I was a wee bit disappointed that the killer’s habit of numbering the bodies were scripture references as I guessed that well before Inspector O’Hare. It was a wee bit predictable that it was a religious nut acting out God’s commands to purge the populace, but O’Hare’s writing is so splendid I was respectfully in for the ride. I am liberal about typos, but there were too many here. The book was just too good to allow them! This could easily be a Masterpiece Theater, a show or a movie. It’s that good. And anything wrong in the edit is a super easy fix. So fix it, please, as this story deserves to be pristine. The writing surely is. What a talent Mr. O’Hare is. Deeply impressed. Bravo.

About the Author

Brian O’Hare, MA, Ph.D., is a retired assistant director of a large regional college of further and higher education. Married, three children, ten grandchildren, one great grandchild. He plays golf three times a week off a ten handicap and does a lot of voluntary work. Any writing he has previously done was academic…very much restricted to a very specific readership. Several articles in educational journals were followed by a number of book-length reports for the Dept. of Education and the University of Ulster.

He has also written an interesting biography of a man who daily performs amazing miracles of healing…The Miracle Ship. That is currently available in Amazon’s Kindle bookstore. Hopefully those who read it will spread the word and write reviews to help John’s message to reach the hearts of many, many people.

Brian had a liver disease since childhood which resulted in him taking early retirement a number of years ago. In 2002 he had a liver transplant but is strong and healthy now. He continued to do academic writing well into his retirement and followed that with a memoir about his liver transplant, dealing with the physical, emotional and spiritual experiences that came from that period in his life (A Spiritual Odyssey, published by Columba Press, Dublin).
Recently he experienced a desire to write fiction. Hence Fallen Men. It is a story about three priests…but it is religious in much the same way Thornbirds was religious. He has also finished a second book. It’s quite different from Fallen Men… a detective mystery inspired by an old 14th century painting of the Last Judgement. It’s called “The Doom Murders” available on Kindle. He is currently writing a third book, “The 11.05 Killings” featuring the same detectives as in The Doom Murders.

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