The Dumbing and Numbing of America

by – Sammy Lee Gott (Author)

 Destroying a Democratic Republic

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Book Description:

The United States is broken in a political, economic, and emotional way to where we can no longer pretend that nothing isn’t wrong with our way of life.

From corrupt corporations to drug abuse, to the decline of our education system, and beyond… A myriad of political and social decisions has dominated the toppling of our great nation.

‘The Dumbing and Numbing of America’ voices the concerns of one American veteran who has experienced over seventy years of living in this great country. Author Sammy Lee Gott was born and raised in America. He has fought for this great nation in war. He is a married, family man with a Christian upbringing who shares his views on what went wrong and how we can make America whole again.

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About the Author: Sammy Lee Gott

It was hard being one of four boys growing up in the 1940s in a dysfunctional family. Throw in alcoholic parents, a hot tempered pure-bred American Indian mother, a father running secret missions for the military, and three wild brothers and you got a mix of family craziness.

Author Sammy Lee Gott has grown from his humble beginnings.

From poor to financially well off. From emotional broken to loved and centered. From a feeling of self doubt to one of self worth. From a non-spiritual beginning to finding Christ. From not knowing what good parents are to raising independent and well adjusted children that have a sense of what family is really about.

Sammy Lee Gott has a lot of wisdom to share with the world.

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