The DVD Killer

Detectives search for a killer that records the degradation and death of beautiful women on DVDs.
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Book Description:

The sexually abused body of a young talented actress is discovered at Lake Mohegan, in wealthy Fairfield, Connecticut. Detective Frank Gianni’s sixth sense screams serial killer the minute he lays eyes on her. This erotically charged thriller calls upon the synergism of Detective Gianni and rookie Detective Brenda Corrino to find the killer before he strikes again. The woman’s brutal rape and sadistic murder are digitally recorded onto a DVD and delivered to local talent agent Jay Martin. With the help of the new Medical Examiner Dr. Darren Crowe, Detective Corrino infiltrates the prime suspect’s erotic world in an attempt to confirm her suspicions. However, the investigation is developing much too slowly for Detective Corrino and she decides to take matters into her own hands. Unfortunately, the killer is one step ahead of her.
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A police force faced with horrible deaths of young actresses and models living in a high class area, but murdered in disturbing ways. Detectives Frank Gianni and Brenda Corrino investigate extensively, Frank worried about a serial killer from the extent of the macabre scene. Brenda is a strong woman,a very good detective and wants to find this suspect before he repeats such a disgusting encounter with another young lady. The characters are wonderfully described, giving you a complete feel for their thinking and ideas. There is an eclectic mix of eroticism,romance, fear and loss through the exciting plot. An enthralling look into a police investigation, that holds your interest and keeps you reading from start to finish!! I received an ARC from author Michael Altieri, who I thank for a thrilling adventure, and I give you my honest thoughts and feelings in this review.

-- Kathryn A Defranc

This is a wonderful exciting book. I read it in one sitting. It is full of drama and intrigue. It kept my attention throughout the book. The main character is one that I loved and she accomplished amazing things in this book. I love the suspense and the romance that was intermingled in this moving story. I am going to be following this author for more great writing.

-- Rita J. Spratlen

About the Author ▸ Michael Altieri

Michael Altieri was born, raised, and college educated in Connecticut. In his younger days, he performed with a rock band and worked full time, while obtaining a college degree in marketing. That led to a forty year career with an electric utility company, retiring as an account executive. He currently resides in Arizona with his family, spending time with his grandchildren, and loves attending their sporting events. The Detective Brenda Corrino Mystery-Thriller Series began its journey in 2004 when Detective Corrino was appointed the first female homicide detective of the Fairfield, Connecticut police department. But, two years after dealing with the DVD Killer, she resigned from the police department, and started her own Private Investigation firm. If you enjoy reading page-turning mystery-thrillers scattered with humor and sexy romance, return to the beginning of this series (The DVD Killer) and find out what makes Private Investigator Brenda Corrino tick. The Detective Brenda Corrino Mystery-Thriller Series includes THE DVD KILLER, THE SECRET, and ENDANGERED SPECIES. (A fourth book in the series is currently in the works). Look for them wherever books are sold. Readers can visit his website at