The Earth-Watchers Series: The Eagle & The Forest. by Lester Ferguson

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Book Description

50 year-old Sebastian Eisenhower II reminisces about  the summer of 1987 when he & his pre-teen pals, recklessly travelled to The Amazon Rainforest  to find his missing mother & her two colleagues.  Unknowingly, Sebastian & his friends are faced with a more dangerous, & complicated situation than they expected!
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About the Author

Born in Grand Bahama Island in the Bahamas, Lester Ferguson is one of the Bahamas’ most imaginative author and illustrator. Concerned about the condition of our home planet, Lester created the Earth-Watchers series for children, the books were designed to broaden children’s awareness about our fragile planet earth and its diverse environment. Today, Lester lives in Austin Texas with his lovely wife and two mischievous kids.

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