dvfvfvfFeaturing stories of the Oregon Coast. A group of backwoods types banquet on giant oysters – only to find later their rare find was priceless. An aged former Marine shoots the biggest elk ever seen in North America, dies, and is given a Viking funeral. A man whose libido reaches epic proportions whenever it thunders is with a beautiful woman when a great storm comes.

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“Quirky Characters”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Glenn Rogers

An interesting collection of short stories with a cast of characters you won’t encounter in other collections. Tidemann creates characters that, in many cases, reflect the flaws of real people in real life, putting them in situations that are unexpected and thought provoking– and the ones that are completely fantastic provide a dose of comic relief. And though we may not like some of the characters he creates, there is plenty to like in this collection of short stories.

About the Author

Michael Tidemann lives and works in Estherville, Iowa where he’s a journalist, freelance writer, and adjunct college instructor. His fiction has appeared in THE LONGNECK, BLACK HILLS MONTHLY MAGAZINE, STRUGGLE, and thewriteplaceatthewritetime.org and his nonfiction in OVERDRIVE, SNOWMOBILE, WESTERN BUSINESS, the SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE, TRUCKERS’ NEWS, TRUCKERS USA, and the DES MOINES REGISTER. He also owns a third of an acre blackberry patch in Elk City, Oregon where Ed Duncan pretended to be Paul Newman on a motorcycle in the 1971 movie SOMETIMES A GREAT NOTION

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