The Emerald Isle: Ireland Information Made Simple by Carol Azams

This book is not merely a guide book or cultural book, as it embodies so many other factors which are highlighted in different sections for the reader’s benefits. Aimed at the millions of Irish descendants who make up the Diaspora Irish Communities that are scattered all over the world, the Irish in Ireland, including those who are naturalised citizens, refugees, students, tourists or expatriate, or people who just happens to love Ireland for whatever reasons.

I present this book with an Irish blessing …’May the Road Rise to Meet You!’


For the (Preface) I explained the reason why I was compelled to write a book such as this. Followed by the forward by An Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, then a mix of over 90 topics and sub-sections arranged under fifteen chapters, from Key Facts, to History​, Government & the Judiciary, Business & Economy, Education System & Healthcare, Culture & Lifestyle, Art & Entertainment, Travel & Tourism, Emigration & Immigration, etc., and ending the book with a trivia’s section to test the reader’s knowledge thus far and imparting a sense of satisfaction in my quest for purpose. Thank you.

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