61n-hOMVuiL._SX478_BO1,204,203,200_The Empty Hook -An Ornament’s Tale ties family and holiday traditions together in a story told by a special set of ornaments. The Empty Hook is a simple story about the true meaning of Christmas. It is written in the story telling style I grew up with in the 1970’s. A gifted German glassblower uses his gift of glassblowing to bring joy to others while giving glory to God. A loving father travels to the glassblower and receives a special set of ornaments. A young boy, Milo, cherishes the ornaments for a lifetime. Then there is an empty hook and a beautiful story to be told. The Gift of Christmas is with you, remember Him on His day.

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” Great stories, Wonderful pictures”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Nancy J. Cook

I wanted a simple story to read to my grandchildren but didn’t want the traditional Santa/Reindeer story and we have all the Jesus/Manger books. This book fits the bill. The story is very simple but has a great moral to it. The pictures and colors are wonderful and hold the attention of even the youngest of the children. The ornaments have a personality of their own and the grandpa is wonderful. Would recommend it to all, whether you are “religious” or just family oriented at the holidays.

About the Author

Joe  has always enjoyed celebrating the true meaning of the holiday season. As a boy, Joe had a very special elf ornament that helped inspire him to write the story of The Empty Hook. It is his hope that this story will add to your family’s holiday tradition, and appreciation of the true meanings of the holiday season; that each and every day you and your family would remember that the gift of Christmas is always with you!

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