The power flickers, the ground shudders and when the backup system kicks in, Lieutenant Jessica Baumer and Staff Sergeant Branna Maguire do a routine equipment analysis and check the exterior surveillance cameras, where they see an unspeakable horror. Somehow, someway, without warning, the world as they know it has ended.

Originally used as ‘lab rats’ for an isolation experiment they are in their subterranean data center at Fort Hood, expecting another “normal” exercise. It becomes anything but.

There is little information available, which leads to many questions and no satisfactory answers. What happened and, more importantly, are there other survivors?

When the air begins to clear, Baumer and Maguire set off on a journey to one of the few areas of the country rumored to be less devastated by the attack. Their mission is to reach sanctuary, a safe compound and shelter run by a woman who has been preparing for a catastrophic event for years.

The law and order of modern day civilization has ceased to exist and the situation has become where only the strong and clever will make it to another day. Others join the two soldiers along the way; some are skilled, some are in need of rescue and others, who will stop at nothing to be masters of this new world order.

Do Baumer and Maguire, even with their military training, have the capability and fortitude to make it to sanctuary? And, if so, what will they find when they get there? Will it be the hope for civilization and America’s future?

Or is this really The End?
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“A lot to love in this surviving-the-apocalypse tale”

Five Star Review on Amazon By DDR

Stayed up all night reading this tightly written, smartly-paced, engrossing tale of survival in a post-apocalyptic America just hit with an enemy attack. Whether it was by an external enemy or, unthinkably, an internal one, remains to be seen. While lesbian characters are the main focus, there is an excellent mix of straight and questioning characters involved in the trek from Ft. Hood, where the two main protagonists start out, to a sanctuary they know of in the Salmon Mountains of California. These varied characters are distinct, well-rounded, believable 3 dimensional people. The two initial protagonists encounter various other groups and individual survivors along the way. Some, though initially wary, are helpful, some are deadly, a few join them on the road. And even the sanctuary they finally reach has its own issues. Very believable plot, well developed. Curry’s and Graskey’s military backgrounds give the book an excellent grounding. My main problem is that this book was just released so I have to wait before I can read the next one, because that twist at the end definitely has me wanting more. A word about sex and violence: it happens or is alluded to but is never graphic or gratuitous.

About the Author

Cheyne Curry was born in Vermont, raised in New York and spent a good portion of her adult life being bicoastal. She enlisted in the US Army in 1977, went to basic combat training and Military Police School at Fort McClellan, Alabama and was stationed at Fort Ord, California and with the Southern European Task Force at Caserma Ederle, Vicenza, Italy as a working MP. After the military, she experienced many lines of work to pay the bills but spent a majority of her working career in law enforcement/security management.Cheyne has also worked in theater and movies.

She is an author, screenwriter, artist, musician and composer and would like to put all those talents to use in future projects.
Cheyne currently lives in the Midwest with her wife (and 3 Grunts Productions co-creator), Brenda Barton, and their fur kids, Liam, 11, a rescued Shepard-mix and Belladonna Bossy Pants, 6, a rescued black Siamese/Bombay.

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