The End of Everything

by – Mr Jimi Fritz (Author)

An ironic black comedy

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Book Description:

It is midnight at the Winterbourne Psychiatric Institution. The only sound is the staccato hammering of a Smith-Corona Silent-Super typewriter. The crack of its Bakelite keys ricochet through the corridors like six-inch nails pounded into a solid mahogany plank. Known only as Fritz, the man at the typewriter rails against the world while plotting his own suicide. So begins a dark, comedic romp through the complex mind of a man on the edge.

About the Author: Mr Jimi Fritz

Jimi Fritz is a British/Canadian writer, musician, filmmaker, and bon vivant.

He has written two feature length screenplays, numerous articles and three books. His first book, Rave Culture, an insider’s overview chronicled the global rave phenomenon. In 2020 he published, Confessions of an Ethical Drug Dealer, a psychedelic travelogue and memoir, and a witty and enlightening treatise on the responsible use of psychedelics told through the lens of a fifty year journey buying, selling, and consuming psychedelic drugs.

Most recently, Fritz has completed a new novel entitled, The End of Everything about a character named Fritz who is plotting his own suicide in a mental asylum. It’s an ironic black comedy.

As a singer/songwriter, he has produced five albums and twenty-four music videos of his original songs. As a filmmaker he has produced and directed numerous shorts and documentaries.