The Ericksen Connection is an espionage thriller about betrayal, PTSD, corruption, conspiracy, and terrorism. Mark Ericksen, the former Navy SEAL Team-Six operator, and currently, a successful hi-tech business executive with an Oregon-based company, was all about duty, honor, and country. He resigned his commission in 2002, and over the next several years worked for three defense contractors, maintaining his top-secret security clearance while concealing his PTSD. In 2009, the CIA received actionable intelligence about a wealthy terrorist mastermind aided by Russian arms dealers who needs a classified biometrics encryption communications systems from EyeD4 Systems, to direct his sleeper cell operatives in launching a horrific nuclear attack on American cities. Ericksen is the executive vice-president of EyeD4 Systems. When America urgently needs his services again, the CIA tasks him for Operation Avenging Eagles to sabotage the plot. Can Ericksen avoid discovery and thwart the nuclear attack before the terrorists achieve their evil plans?

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