THE ESSENTIALZ is the story of four groups of racially-diverse teenagers from four different areas of America who love extreme sports such as deep-sea diving, rappelling, and sky diving as much as they love learning. These four groups are completely unaware of each other’s existence until one day they simultaneously encounter other-worldly phenomena that infused each of them with an incredible and unique power.

As they learn to harness and develop their powers, they discover their true source. An alien humanoid from an alternate dimension (Dimension Zeta) visits them in their dreams and explains that he is the one that imbued them with their new-found abilities. This being, Argo, impresses upon them that they have each been given a special gift and that they should not squander the same way his people did. He also cautions them that their planet Earth is facing an impending danger that he could not be specific about. They will have to find each other join and use their powers to identify and combat the darkening storm that is threatening the very existence of their civilization.



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