The Evening Tide by Jeremy Forsyth

The Sun Elves yearn for the fulfilment of an ancient prophecy that has foretold their rise amidst moon and stars. Among them there is one who will wait no longer for such a prophecy to come to pass. Asharal seeks to dethrone the ruling family, the Winds, who have just done the impossible: they have discovered immortality.
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About the Author

Jeremy Andrew Forsyth is a South African fantasy writer who was born in Johannesburg in the year 1990. Author of the short story, The Evening Tide, he has also written a full length novel; Upon the Sands, set to be released in the year 2020, the first installment to the epic fantasy series; A Symphony of a Shadow and Darkness.

As part of his short story series that he has stated will be the lead up to A Symphony of Shadow and Darkness, Jeremy will be releasing the Evening Tide cross over, The Broken Rose, on November 1st, followed by the thriller, The Missing, which will be published, April 2018.

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