51E7W4huTVL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_Are you exhausted from the demands of everyday life? Exhausted Women’s Syndrome (EWS) happens to overworked, overstressed, overloaded, and overly committed women. Left unattended, EWS negatively affects you and your relationship. But the syndrome is not the problem, the unresolved issues are.

More than likely, you already know some causes of exhaustion but you don’t have the time, money, or energy needed to find solutions. Designed to be read in short segments, this book provides practical suggestions that are easy to implement and will relieve your exhaustion.

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” The book everyone woman needs to read!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Elisa Gertken

This is a book that I think not only every single mother but every married female can use. We internalize and stay strong for everyone around us this book takes you through to understand and help you. not just read about someone elses life. This book helped me in many ways. Thank You.

About the Author

Christine Hammond is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with over fifteen years of experience in counseling, teaching and ministry. She works with exhausted women and their families to ensure peaceful resolutions at home and work. She lives in Orlando with her husband and three children. Her website is www.GrowWithChristine.com.

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