The Exit Strategy Handbook

by – Doug Thorpe (Author)

Essential Advice for Business Owners 

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Book Description:

In this book, Executive Coach and Business Advisor Doug Thorpe brings you his 30+ years of experience in banking and business coaching to map out a clear path for having a successful exit of your business. If you are running a business hoping to have a ‘big payday’ at the end, you need to take actionable steps along the way. But what does that mean?

In this simple, common-sense guide, Doug Thorpe reveals the key elements you need to think about. He charts the way for you to maximize your success. Whether you plan to hand down the business to the family as a legacy or find a buyer to assume control, you need a plan and a blueprint. Now you have it.

About the Author: Doug Thorpe

I am a leadership coach and adviser for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs. I Can Help YOU Build a Stronger Leadership Team in Your Business.

Essentially…I allow you to focus on running the business instead of fighting PROBLEMS. I eliminate the STRESS that comes with being the Leader.

WHO DO I WORK WITH? C-suite, middle managers, new first-time managers, and Entrepreneurs; all in companies from $500K to $25 million.

DEFINITION of ‘LEADERSHIP TEAM’ – anyone you’ve hired to manage a work team in your company. When we need managers, too often we select people we think we like the most or trust the best to be our frontline managers or department heads. In the process, we often crush a good producer. To get the best result, we need to provide them some coaching so they can make the shift from front-end employee to manager and LEADER.

My coaching is adding a brand new, low resistance way to get more from the management team around you. This is NOT me making a plea for MORE business. This is ME helping you gain COMPLETE control of your freedom and growth.

Thorpe is active on the Internet and social media. He’d love to connect with you at,, on Twitter @RealDougThorpe, on his HeadwayExec Facebook page, or on LinkedIn. Or hop over to my podcast at It’s called Leadership Powered by Common Sense.

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