“The Eyes of Death” by Donald L. Vasicek

When Hannah Powers sustains a head injury, her prom queen world turns from white to black. During her best friend, Emily’s funeral, she sees a white-gray ghost image radiating around Emily’s casket, but no outline around Emily. This convinces Hannah that she is brain damaged even though her neuropsychologist tells her she is not. Then, she is plunged into a terrifying world of being able to predict death before it happens without being able to do anything about it.
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About the Author

Donald L. Vasicek is an award-winning writer/filmmaker. He has written, ghostwritten and published over 500 books and articles on writing and screenwriting. His documentary film, “The Sand Creek Massacre”, won Best Film in 3 film festivals, was awarded the prestigious Golden Drover Award and was catalogued into Smithsonian Libraries.

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