The Fantastical Adventures of a Little Green Elf

by – Rene Cournoyer (Author)

Sticky’s Fantastical Adventures Book 1

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Book Description:

There are 20+ books in the series.
Easy reading for kids with ADD, ADHD, Autism, or if they have a hard time reading.
 This book has larger print and shorter paragraphs for easy reading. It also has shorter chapters to build the child’s confidence.

Can this green elf’s magic help him find his missing sister? America, 1776. Sticky the elf’s curiosity usually lands him in a big mess. But this time his sister is the one who needs rescuing after she gets lost in the human city of Philadelphia.

To find her, Sticky must get out of his cozy bed and go on a daring journey. Joined by his friends, the elf healer and a tiny dwarf who can’t stop eating, they soon find out that the human world isn’t so scary after all.

But between a clanging Liberty Bell and the city’s hustle and bustle, there are a lot of ways for a snoopy elf to get stuck in a pickle…

As Sticky’s crazy rescue mission takes him all over many towns, can he stay out of trouble long enough to bring his sister home? ‘The Fantastical Adventures of a Little Green Elf’ is the first chapter book in a hilarious children’s fantasy series perfect for young readers.

If you and your child like fun quests, magical creatures, and stories sprinkled with history, then you’ll both love Rene Cournoyer’s heartwarming tale of friendship.

Buy ‘The Fantastical Adventures of a Little Green Elf’ to continue the exciting adventure today!

About the Author: Rene Cournoyer

I am blessed to have two wonderful children and five beautiful grandchildren. They have kept me young at heart.

Writing a book has been a lifelong dream. Science fiction and fantasy are what I love to read and wanted to write about. However, I could never get the book out of my head and onto paper.

My grandchildren have always told me that I am a big kid at heart and suggested I write a children’s book. It resonated immediately, the children’s genre is where my book belonged. The next day I started typing and never stopped. As a result, Sticky was born and grows as time goes on.

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