The Fate Book: The Emperor’s Tomb by Peter Van Minnen

If you like fantasy this is certainly the book for you!

Join the intrepid and eccentric explorers, Professors Clarence and Wadji, who will take you on a nail-biting journey through a number of ancient sacred sites around the world, using the mysterious Fatbe Book to guide them.

Theyare joined by Professor Clarence’s niece and nephew Jess and Josh, who has intuitive abilities tio rival the Fate Book’s.

The Fate Book: The Emperor’s Tomb will take you on a roller coaster ride, from Egypt to Peru, then on to Guatemala and the Himalayas, and finally to the Emperor’s Tomb in China, where the professors face one of their most perilous challenges ever.

This is a blockbuster of a book which doesn’t finish at the end.

Read it if you dare!

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“The MagiK starts from Page 1”

Five Star Review on Amazon by Mr. K. S. Mall

The magic starts from page 1!
This really is fantastic story telling.
Lots of interesting characters all intertwined in some way or other.
I especially love the way the author brings his humour into each character.
You become immersed into the story very quickly.
Am always on the lookout of new authors.
Looking forward to more books from Peter.

About the Author

Author of The Fate Book series.

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