Every little girl dreams of being a Princess, marrying a Prince and living in a mansion. Grace saw this dream for herself, born in Jamaica she lived the life. Her Dad ran the drug trade in Jamaica. But fate stepped in and changed this dream for her. Grace was forced to leave her Paradise home due to a shadowy figure that turned her life upside down. Settling in America was tough for her, until she met up with Selena, and found out her Pops knew and adored her father.
He sees the fire in her eyes, and decides to teach her the drug game so that she could follow in her father’s footsteps. He also makes her aware of the shadowy figure that murdered her father. Armed with a name, she accepts the challenge of learning the game, in hopes that it will get her to where she needs to be. Close enough to the man that killed her father. Faced with nothing but opposition and treachery, she rises to the top. She meets a man who has a similar background, or so she thought.
Being betrayed on every turn on a quest to find this man, she receives heart ache after heart ache. Will she get close to this man her crew takes her out? Or will she fall victim to her own murderous plot?
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About the Author

Born on July 4, 1972 in North Charleston, South Carolina. Kateri grew up between NY and South Carolina. Graduating from the last all Black Boarding Schools in Laurinburg, North Carolina. After that, she received a degree in Psychology. And later gave birth to a baby boy. She began writing short stories and poems, and then she decided to pursue writing a novel. When it was finished, she tried to get it published, but received many rejections since the year 2000. She raised her son and attended Culinary School, where she received a degree in Culinary Arts. And has been a Chef ever since. Eventually she opened up Purple Diamond Caterer and caters events between writing.

Kateri has been published since 2014 with several works being sold on Amazon. She now has finally found her home at Diamond Cut and plans on being a part of the family for years to come.

When Kateri is not writing, you can find her cooking, working on her Personal Chef business or catering events. She has just released a Soul Food Cookbook that showcases dishes from her Hometown of South Carolina. She is also due to release The Female Don Dada, Sweet Treats, Vegetarian Vs Vegan, and Sicilian Cooking.

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