The Final Act

It’s certain to earn a spot as one of the most meaningful and most enriching books to be published this year.
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Book Description:

Bright lights. Curtain calls. A cruel and unsuspected murderWhat is the price of success, and are you willing to pay that price? These are questions F.R. Merrill poses in her debut novel, The Final Act, a thrilling work of suspense set in Broadway.F.R. Merrill takes us into the life of an assistant producer, Faith Straton who is just one step from bringing her Native American production to Broadway. As she inches closer to her dream, however, things start falling apart. A friend is lost forever, and Faith Straton discovers she is a target for murder.A professional storyteller and short story writer of more than 15 years, F.R. Merrill’s first novel promises to be a gripping page-turner that’ll not only entertain and thrill readers, but also enthrall them with fascinating insights into Native American culture. The author’s mastery and understanding of human nature and motivations arms the book with all the necessary elements to be a memorable and touching read with valuable life lessons that we can apply to our own lives.The Final Act will have you confronting many of the most difficult questions that plague our times – from the value of financial success and popularity to the importance of other people in our lives. It’s certain to earn a spot as one of the most meaningful and most enriching books to be published this year.
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The Final Act (F.R. Merrill) Faith has the opportunity of a life time, to bring her Native American production to New York City. She packs her bags and brings her(teen) daughter Amanda with her for the three month stay. Faith is juggling the play, dealing with her emotionally disturbed ex-husband, and her rebellious daughter. She is reacquainted with her best friend Jackie and Tom, a boyfriend from her youth. Things seem to be coming together smoothly with the play, but not so well with her daughter, she just can't seem to get through to her. Then a murder occurs and Faith and Amanda may be the next victims. Fast paced, edge-of-your-seat page-turner. I could not put it down. Just when I thought I had the killer figured out, a new suspect came to mind. I was left guess until the end. I also enjoyed the Native American stories through out the book. I would definitely read more by F.R. Merrill.

-- Sheri A. Wilkinson

F. R. Merrill (Author)

F.R. Merrill professional storyteller since 1993, winner of two award winning books brings her Native American heritage, adventures based on cycling across the United States and Italy’s coastline, hiking the Camino (550 miles) across Spain, and studying mosaics at the renowned Luciana Notturni School in Ravenna to life. Merrill has mastered the art of weaving beauty and history into her tales while holding awareness of impending danger by a Hannibal Lechter type character.

It’s certain to earn a spot as one of the most meaningful and most enriching books to be published this year.

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