The Flowers Need Watering by Marcus Lopes

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Book Description

“Marcus Lopés […] has a natural gift for creating an original, well thought-out story and developing positive, memorable characters that touch your heart and soul.” – Darla Ortiz, Goodreads

“The prose was lyrical and near poetic at times, and the plots and subplots were weaved together masterfully and gave a fulfilling, emotional payoff at the end.” – Marcella Gonzales, Indie Book Reviewers

Mateo Borden was twenty when he came out to his parents, and the last thing he expected was to be disowned. But from that moment on, his parents wanted nothing to do with him. At a time in his life when he felt alone, angry and confused, Mateo found an unexpected ally in Liam Robertson, a family friend and third-year law student engaged to be married. They became best friends, brothers, and were inseparable until their lives took different paths. New York City called Liam with a job offer at a prominent law firm while Mateo, fresh out of university, devoted himself to his dream of becoming a writer.

Now, Mateo has come of age. He’s twenty-nine and a “rock star” on the literary scene with his books selling by the millions. He’s built a home with Simon Denault, the political science professor who swept him off his feet five years ago. He’s living the life he’s always imagined. Meanwhile, Liam has quietly returned home to support his mother, Susan, who’s in remission from breast cancer — and to divest of an ambiguous obsession that has nearly destroyed him.

Unfolding over seven arduous days, The Flowers Need Watering is a moving and provocative story about friendship, love and loss as both men come to terms with the choices they’ve made. It is an unforgettable novel about discovering the meaning of family and the redemptive value of forgiveness.
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“A Stunning Portrait of Grief, Doubt, Love, and Family”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Gregory R. Josephs

In his debut Indie novel, Marcus Lopés presents a moving and provocative story about grief, doubt, love, and family. The Flowers Need Watering is a stunning portrait of a man coming to terms with the death of his estranged father, while questioning his place in the world and the life he’s built. Thoughtful, nuanced, and complex, Lopés’ novel rises above the standard of typical LGBT fiction.

The real strength of The Flowers Need Watering comes from its deeply flawed characters and Lopés’ ability to change our perceptions of them over time. In the opening chapters, Mateo (the protagonist) is angry, stubborn, and at times cruel. By contrast, readers will believe his partner Simon to be patient, kind, and beyond reproach. As the story unfolds, it becomes easier to both empathize with Mateo, and take Simon off his pedestal. Add to the mix Liam, a ghost from Mateo’s past, and the complex tapestry of the characters’ lives begin to unravel. Soon we discover no one is innocent, and there are many sides to every story.

In the end, everyone ends up a little better off than they started, but maybe not in the ways they expect.

Through his writing, Lopés wants us to “think about the choices we make and how we respond, either under duress or when our emotions take control, to the challenges we face in life each and every day.” In The Flowers Need Watering he absolutely succeeds!

This is a great read, and I highly recommend it even for those outside of the LGBT community. The Flowers Need Watering is a human story that will appeal to anyone interested in high-quality writing, and great storytelling. There’s something for everyone here.

I’ll eagerly await more from this author.

About the Author

Marcus Lopés is originally from Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia. Since 2003, his writing has been featured in Canadian and international literary journals, both in print and online. He’s also the author of Freestyle Love, his first novel published in 2011 by LazyDay Publishing. He currently lives in Toronto, Ontario.

Marcus would love to hear from you. If you enjoyed The Flowers Need Watering, please consider leaving an online review. In the life of a writer, reviews make all the difference and would be greatly appreciated.

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