411ECRatRnL._SX310_BO1,204,203,200_The new growth industry: kidnapping. The shovel ready job: murder. The secret history of the modern world: The Foolchild Invention.

Welcome to a world of fantasy called present day America. Economic meltdown, the death a nation as a meaningful entity and the existential confrontation with oblivion have never been more hilarious. This novel puts the “fun” in the funeral of Western Democracy.

The lack of created jobs is hitting our doomed hero hard. Even run down Soviet-style factories aren’t interested, despite a long, thick, hard college diploma. Reality is breaking down and it isn’t clear if it’s a harmless psychotic break or something more sinister. When mostly harmless suburban dwellers begin making murderous attacks the problem takes on more urgency than the usual “is this chair real” philosophical onanism.

Into this volatile mix of missing memories, hard drinking and general failure to thrive comes one last chance to demonstrate core competencies and ascend the corporate ladder. It will just require the usual: theft, armed robbery, unlawful imprisonment, pretending to be Republican on the phone and corpse disposal. It’s all there in the job description.

It’s an invention for fools and children. It’s called the future.

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“If life’s got the upper hand on you here’s a good rememdy”

Five Star Review on Amazon By TheGato

Chicken soup for the head, told sharp as razors and as bold as four day old black coffee. Take a gander and explore the parts of the mind that very few chose to acknowledge and have a laugh about it. Or do, whatever it is you do.

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