History. A record, not always accurate as it was often written by the victor, of the events that led up to the here and now.
But there is another history, a history forgotten by the historians of the race of Man, one that is remembered by those who themselves exist only in myth and folklore. A history from the dawn of this world when Man walked with Elves and Dwarfs, from before the great sleep that saw the Dinosaurs thrive and die. A history from the time of magic. But that was long ago and is long forgotten.
Until now.

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Read it again and again!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Eva87

I may be slightly biased as I am Wayne’s editor, but I can genuinely say that even after reading this several times as part of the editing process I still enjoyed it every time. I came to love the characters and wanted to visit this other world. I did not want to run into the scary deadly spiders of course, nor the ogres, but the landscape sounded amazing. I can’t imagine a forest so large that it would take you three weeks to get through to the other side of it!

Wayne also has that rare talent of being able to leave you wanting the next book without being frustrated that it has been left wide open with a million questions unanswered. This is a whole book in its own right, but it manages to leave you wanting more too.

I can’t wait to work with him on the next one!

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