The Game explores a struggle between two forces: Life and the Dark Powers – as tension between the two sides is heightening in real time. And it asks: what part do you want to play? You can see it happening all around you: Life is striving to create, evolve, and perfect itself. Its goals are survival, growth, and wellbeing. The Dark Powers control, constrict, harm and destroy all that’s healthy and good, threatening to obliterate Life itself. Their goals are wealth and prestige, and the control these make possible. We are ALL already playing the Game, whether we know it or not: scoring for one side or the other every day, in our work, our purchases, our interactions – and nearly everything we do. This book shows readers how to score for Life (and enjoy doing so), at a time when Life needs all the help it can get to topple the Dark Powers. The Game adds a strong and necessary voice to a growing, thriving resistance, and shows readers how to be part of it. You will find plenty of hope and inspiration, as well as hundreds of practical darkness-defeating actions that you can implement right away if you choose.
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Really enjoyed this thought provoking book!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Liz Fleming

A thought provoking, tough talking, hard hitting yet simply written so easy to read book. I’ve not read any books like this before but I really enjoyed this one and I’d highly recommend it for anyone concerned with the state of our world and what we can do to play our part to notice issues, tackle them and make a positive difference to and for Life.

About the Author

Gill Coombs began life as Margaret Griffith in Felthorpe, Norfolk, in 1964. Her great-great-grandfather was David Griffith (bardic title Clwydfardd), poet and long term Archdruid of the Welsh Eisteddfod. She moved to Bradford on Avon at the age of six, and lived in Wiltshire until 2013 when she moved to Devon with her partner Peter.

Gill went to Fitzmaurice Grammar School, but escaped as soon as she could to work with horses. After several years of long hours, low pay and enormous fun, she decided it was time to find a ‘proper job’. She then spent several years in a series of occupations (some more suitable than others) until she studied Therapeutic Counselling, which led to her work as a Learning and Development Practitioner. She now has a private coaching practice in Devon and worldwide via Skype, and runs workshops and courses for those seeking work that’s good for them and good for the world. She stood as Green Party candidate for the Totnes Constituency in the 2015 General Election.

Gill Coombs wrote her first ‘book’ when she was seven. She won a national murder mystery short story competition in 1993, and subsequently had short stories and poetry published in national magazines. She took a break from writing until 2011, when she self-published Walking the Talk, a book about her travels on foot and public transport around the UK, running workshops for sustainable communities.

She acquired an MSc in Holistic Science at Schumacher College 2011/12, and developed her dissertation into her first book Hearing our Calling, which addresses the impact of today’s working world on self, society and the broader living world. Hearing our Calling was published by Floris in 2014.

She then began work on The Game, published in 2016; a book that shows readers to ‘score for Life’ at a time when tension is heightening between Life and the Dark Powers.

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