The Disturbing History Saga – Inspired by actual events

The insidious seduction of a college bound girl by a hell-bent abuser…

At fifteen, Mary Lou Poche is known in her small town of Houma, Louisiana for her profound beauty and intelligence. She and her best friend Gayle Gautreau believe their futures are as bright as the Southern sun. On September 6th, 1958, Mary and Gayle strike out on their first adventure to the fall festival—alone—where they meet a mysterious psychic who sends Mary reeling from the revelation of events that will affect her for years to come. In the reading, the psychic speaks of secret keys that will unlock Mary’s safety and of a difficult choice between two men. The Creole psychic woman says, “Choose the right one an’ you will know peace and success … choose the wrong one and’ you will suffer in bondage many a year.” Is the reading purely whimsical entertainment … or a frightening glimpse of things to come?
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About the Author

Author Kami Boley was born in Houma, Louisiana, in 1973. At a young age, she discovered a deep passion for books and writing. As a young adult, she put that dream on hold to devote her time and energy to working as a cosmetologist so she could provide for a new love in her life, her daughter, Kirstie. Now that Kirstie is grown, Kami is ready to share her stories through Boley Books LLC.

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