Ricky and Moon are back in this second book in the York Street series. Ricky has learned powerful metaphysical skills from her sister who works with her from the other side. She is now married to David Clark who helped solve Moon’s murder in The Gemini Bridge.

The Clarks become parents at the beginning of the book, with the birth of their daughter, Nory. Their excitement about the baby is threatened when they are forced to move out of their home. There is evidence that a mysterious artifact, hidden in the cellar of their house, can kill them. It was left there by the previous owner, and caused the death of the man’s wife and all but one of his children.

The former owner’s ghost is using the artifact as a tool to realize ambitions that he was unable to set aside when he died. It is up to Ricky, David and Moon to discover the ghost’s whereabouts, and put an end to his plan that involves control over thousands of ghosts.

There are many surprises in the book, and things often turn out differently than they first appear. Nory looks like any other baby, but is an unusual child with an unexpected path. The new friends who volunteer to help look normal, but are hiding amazing talents. Many others, both ghost and human, work along with the Clarks in their quest to neutralize the artifact and protect Nory.
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About the Author

Shea Meadows has always been a writer, even when she was the only one to recognize that was true. When she was a child, she had her first glimmer of hope that others might share her opinion; she was named one of the up and coming authors in her home city in Michigan and was asked to read her poetry on the radio. That encouraged her visions of being published, even though her life centered on other things for many years.

She became a nurse and moved to Minnesota and married her best friend. They welcomed two daughters to their family and a long parade of animal companions of every description. In the back ground, she continued to write as a hobby. She has always been drawn to science fiction and fantasy, so she joined online writer’s groups and spent time polishing her imagination. She published several short stories in online anthologies, still working toward a novel. With the advent of independent online publishing, she became brave enough to share her work. This was not done alone; a writer’s family has to be their biggest fans for the writer to be successful.

Shea is looking forward to sharing future books with people who enjoy her strange twist on metaphysical fantasy. You can visit her website at www.sheameadows.com and her Shea Meadows Face Book page.

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