The Gettysburg Cypher by K. R. Eckert

A dead spy...a coded message...a buried secret.
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Book Description:

From the critically acclaimed author of The Templar Succession, comes the second volume of The History Hunters, featuring treasure hunting adventurers, Paul Davenport and Sara Walsh…

On July 3, 1863, as the epic Battle of Gettysburg comes to a close, a rebel spy enters the Union Army’s camp, only to be killed my his own army’s cannon fire.  Before he dies, he passes a coded message, hidden in a book, to an innocent accomplice:  The kindly Reverend who tends to him in his hour of death.

One hundred and fifty years later, family members of a powerful Vatican Priest are kidnapped for a strange ransom:  A tattered Bible, unseen since the days of the Civil War.

Desperate and alone, the Priest turns to The History Hunters, Paul Davenport and Sara Walsh, to save his family.  In their search, Davenport and Walsh travel from a crime scene in Boston, to a Civil War reenactment in Gettysburg, and finally to a forgotten town in North Carolina, where they encounter the Brigade, a group that once tried to assassinate Abraham Lincoln. Once thought to have been destroyed, the Brigade has survived 15 decades of history, and is now led by the Colonel, a man who will not rest until the South is declared the winner of the Civil War.
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The Gettysburg Cypher- An Amazing Fictional Historic Mystery”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Sheryl

The Gettysburg Cypher is a fast paced suspense with a historical base. The author K. R. Eckert has taken relevant materials from the civil war to write a really interesting novel. There are a number of characters but each character has been given the space to develop so that their identities are clear. One thing that stood out or me was really lack of female characters. In fact, first few chapters passed by without having a single female character. However, when the characters were introduced they were well developed and meaningful. Still, men engaged in the majority of actions and the end was surprisingly good for everyone. That being apart, the book really keeps you guessing about the hidden secrets and when they are revealed you feel really appalled. I loved the book and the writing style and would recommend it to all historical mystery readers.

About the Author

K. R. Eckert is the author of the popular Amazon best selling series The History Hunters featuring The Templar Succession and its upcoming sequel The Gettysburg Cypher. A short story collection is also in the works, featuring such provocative titles as The Dystopia Bulletin, The Cemetery Hit, and Plain Terror.

Prior to writing full time K. R. owned a successful second hand book business.

He is an avid student of history and politics, with too many literary heroes to name.

Please visit his official Facebook Page: and his Twitter feed @k_r_eckert

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