The Ghost Finder

To their surprise, they find their first client in the form of Daphne's skeptical sister, Ariana.
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Book Description:

Daphne LaVaigne has partnered with Eric Wells to create a reality program around her ability to see ghosts, but first, they need a client. To their surprise, they find their first client in the form of Daphne’s skeptical sister, Ariana. Ariana has purchased an office building in San Francisco only to discover that a destructive and troublesome ghost haunts the building. As Daphne and Eric film their show and help the ghost move on, they find themselves faced off against a ghost who is more menacing and violent – a ghost desperate to keep a horrible secret.
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Another great read. They have been given a whole new set of offices (in a warehouse that her brother owns) and it has been equipped with everything they could wish for. Upto and including on suite bedrooms. However their first client is a surprise. Her sceptic sister! A building she has just purchased and started renovating has shown definite signs of ghosts and she wants it cleared out. Add in a murdered blackmailer, dozens of young women/ghosts, a poltergeist evil ghost, a serial killer, new friends and a technical wizard. Will they be able to solve why all the ghosts are there? What does the lich want? Awesome characters and the rapport between them is a delight to experience. A great read.

-- Krystyna

About the Author ▸ Kara Lane Barstow