The Ghost Inside Me Even More Tales from The Baron

by – Billy J Barnum (Author)

This is the 3rd book in the “Tales from the Baron” collection to complete the trilogy of epic poetry books.

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Book Description:

This is the 3rd book in the “Tales from The Baron” collection to complete the trilogy of epic poetry books. The first two books have garnered so many 5-star reviews and book awards that I am extremely proud of. I honestly didn’t know if another book would even come out but an ember came and ignited a spark and the ghost inside me would not let me rest. So I am now honored to present this new book of all new original epic poetry to the world which I hope you love as much as my first two books. I am truly humbled by the support of all my friends, family members, and the writing and reading community.

Reviews for the Book

The Ghost Inside Me: Even More Tales From The Baron is yet another enthralling poetry collection by Billy J. Barnum. The poem Infatuation tells the tale of a scorned woman struggling to comprehend that the man she loves has spurned her. The Creepy Castle follows a determined group of people brave enough to enter a haunted castle and then unexpectedly receive a message they will remember all their lives. In I Know Some Things, we are reminded to treat everything on its merit and strive to be better with each passing day. The Wall is a gentle reminder of the fallen men and women who laid their lives on the line for their country, while The Most Toys asks you to ponder if all worldly possessions are worth the price of giving up your empathy.
Thought-provoking poetry finds a way to make us contemplate, evoking feelings of sadness, joy, love, and wonder in our lives. The Ghost Inside Me achieves this and more. This is the second poetry collection I've read by Billy J. Barnum, and he only seems to get better at his craft. Using clever wordplay to get his message across, Barnum creates truly beautiful stanzas that provide deeply meaningful insights into the grand old mystery we call life. Every poem tells a different story, and each story adds something unique to the rich and diverse narrative. I thoroughly enjoyed this collection and highly recommend it to poetry lovers or readers who love insightful philosophical discourse in general.
 5-star review!      Reviewed by Pikasho Deka for Readers' Favorite

About the Author: Billy J Barnum

I am not just a poet I am also a storyteller. In my books you’ll find thought provoking, conversation starting, and wildly profound poetry that makes the imagination soar and plays with the heartstrings.Some poems may make you laugh out loud as well. It is my hopes that if you love great stories you’ll love the poetry in these books. Always remember to Dream Big!

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