Winner 9 Book Awards 2016-17   Inspirational & Spiritual Fiction
An enthralling story reminiscent of C.S. Lewis and Madeleine L’Engle’s works 
Born gifted with a rare seventh sense ─ the ability to read human hearts coupled with keen intuition ─ Kate Kindrick struggles against her superpowers while surrounded by skeptical, sometimes cruel, family members and their secrets. With startling twists, the story brims with inspiration and daring while exploring intuition, angels, the afterlife, and issues relevant to many of today’s societal woes. Tantalizing and spiritual.
  • Gold Medal ─ 2017 Readers’ Favorite International Award ─ Fiction, Christian
  • 1st Place ─  2017 Texas Association of Authors Award ─ Fiction, Inspirational
  • Best Book ─ 2016 Pinnacle Book Achievement Award ─ Fiction, Inspirational
  • The Winner ─ 2016 Beverly Hills Book Awards ─ Fiction, Religion
  • Award Winner ─ 2016 London Book Festival ─ Fiction, Spiritual / Religious
  • Finalist ─ 2017 Eric Hoffer Book Award ─ Fiction, Spiritual
  • Award Winner ─ 2016 Great Midwest Book Festival ─ Fiction, Spiritual
  • Finalist ─ 2017 Bookvana Life, Spirit, Knowledge Award ─ Fiction, Religious
  • CIPA EVVY 2017 Award ─ Fiction, Spirituality / Religion 
This captivating novel explores issues relevant to many of today’s societal woes: prejudice, abuse, eating disorders, and limiting belief systems. It delves into the mysteries of death and of angels, plus intuition, finding God in all, and true love. Full of spirit, this poignant story brims with inspiration, daring, and hope.

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“A Beautiful Story Beautifully Told”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Romuald Dzemo

I read the girl who could read hearts twice and can’t stop to marvel at the beauty of the prose, at the strong storyline, the compelling characters and, of course, the powerful message. Sherry Maysonave successfully brings two worlds to clash — the supernatural world of the angels and the human reality — but it is the realism that permeates this story that will surprise many readers.

The story of young Kate reminds me of the heroes and heroines of Paulo Coelho’s works, who are often at odds with their society because of their gifts. It’s the same with Kate, a girl who can read hearts, penetrate human emotions, and curiously see the different colors residing in the human heart. As it happens to anyone with an unusual gift, she suffers being labelled as mentally ill. Her journey towards self-acceptance and growth, a journey made with an angelic companion is one that will offer many lessons to readers.

It’s not surprising that this intriguing story is based on real life experiences of the author and that it wins the 2016 Beverly Hills Book Awards ─ Fiction, Religion. You’ll deepen your faith in the supernatural and see life flowing beyond the mundane experiences of life when after you read this inspiring and entertaining story.

About the Author

An internationally acknowledged expert in nonverbal communication, Sherry Maysonave is an award-winning author and acclaimed motivational speaker. Sherry has been interviewed by more than 200 TV, radio, and print publications across the U.S., Canada, and Europe. She has made multiple appearances on NBC’s Today, ABC, CBS, Fox, and NPR, and has been featured in USA Today, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, New Yorker, InStyle, and BusinessWeek.

Intuitive as a child, Sherry Maysonave has had mystical experiences throughout her life. At the mere age of five, she had a direct experience of her soul existing separately from her physical body, which forever changed her perception of God, life on Earth, and life in Heaven.

Inspired by a vivid dream with Sherry’s deceased sister shouting from a mountaintop, her latest book, “The Girl Who Could Read Hearts”, was born. It was won 9 awards, including the 2017 Best Inspirational Fiction by the Texas Authors Association and 2016 Best Spiritual Fiction book by the Beverley Hills Book Festival.

The segments of this story that embrace death are based upon Sherry’s real-life experiences when she was present with beloved family members as they passed away. Her wondrous encounters of loved ones’ spirits after their physical deaths are deeply engaging. Sherry Maysonave says she doesn’t just believe there is an afterlife, she knows there is.

Sherry’s first book, “Casual Power – How to Power Up Your Nonverbal Communication and Dress Down for Success”, is nonfiction and is a category best-seller on Amazon.

Her first children’s book— “EggMania: Where’s the Egg in Exactly?”—has won five awards.

Sherry and her husband, Stephen, reside on Lake Travis in Austin, Texas.

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