dfdddThis is a debut collection of poetry that appeals to the heart, mind, and soul. The author has crafted her poems with a light touch and a bit of whimsy. Her sense of human depth and awareness compounds the insights projected in her work. A poetry collection for anyone who has ever been afraid to read poetry. You will soon become a poetry lover like never before.

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“A Wonderful Collection of Poetry”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Piaras

I just finished reading The Girl With The Blue Umbrella, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The author is very honest and real in her poems, giving them an intimate feel. She has a fluid, steady flow to her words, where one line carries seamlessly into the next. There is an abundance of rich imagery which lifts off the page. Just lovely. There is also some pieces that will put a smile on your face, which I found to be just the right complement to the more sentimental pieces. I would definitely recommend this collection as a must read for anyone who loves poetry.

About the Author

The Girl With the Blue Umbrella is my first collection of poetry and I’m so proud to be able to share it with everyone. I have been writing continuously for the last two years, and I knew it was time to do something with the many, many poems I had amassed. The poem “Blue Umbrella” was originally “My Umbrella” and when I found the book cover art, I fell in love with it and knew I needed to change this poem to “Blue Umbrella.” It was perfect! I love rain and different colour umbrellas, so this poem captures a little bit of my whimsical side. I hope you enjoy it, along with the rest of the collection. It is my utmost pleasure to share my poetry with you.

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