The Gladio Protocol

If you love Clancy, Patterson or Baldacci this is a must read!
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Book Description:

A high octane thriller in the Clancy style which leaves you thirsty for the next chapter.

Introducing Alex Kalfas, a Greek cabinet minister and CIA sleeper.

In London and Athens, plans are being finalized to stage a military coup on the biggest religious holiday of the year in Greece.

While in northern Greece a unit of a mercenary army led by the CEO of Black Hawke, hired by the Greek Prime Minister, is destroying American installations.

The heads of government of Greece, Russia and Germany have joined together in a conspiracy to take the oil and gas assets under the Aegean Sea for themselves, precipitating a potential war with Turkey and the breakup of the European Union.

A Russian agent attached to their embassy in Washington and the beautiful Russian deputy finance minister seduce Laura Foot, a CIA analyst into a honey trap affair.

Alex Kalfas, with Gitta Lehrer a beautiful Stazi double agent to help him, finds himself in a race against time to stop the governments of Greece, Germany and Russia from succeeding in their devilish plans.

However, John Dexter, the CEO of Black Hawke has ideas of his own……

If you love Clancy, Patterson or Baldacci this is a must read!

Philip Michael Cooper (Author)

Philip was born and educated in the United Kingdom. He joined Citibank in London before moving to Athens where he worked as a foreign exchange trader for both Citibank and Chase Manhattan. He was then posted to Citibank’s Middle East North African Training Centre in Athens/Beirut as the operations manager and a foreign exchange trainer. In 1993 he was appointed Head of Learning and Education for UBS in North America. He later left the bank and went into partnership with two colleagues and set up a successful financial training company (New Learning Developments) in New York City. In 1999 he returned to London where he worked as a training consultant to financial services institutions and the Ministry of Defense until 2003 when he moved to Greece to work on developing knowledge databases for on-line brokerage houses and conduct webinars on foreign exchange and on-line retail trading. In 2012 he returned to the UK to write. To date, he has written several fictional short stories, an erotic romance titled Remembering Jounieh, a science fiction story titled The Old Woman of Mani, a poetry anthology titled If I Could Paint Your Picture and a children’s short story titled Sparky The Baby Green Dragon. He has also had published through a New York publishing house two non-fiction books, Mastering Options and Competing In The Financial Markets both on value investing in currencies and options. He has just published his first novel, a fast-paced political thriller titled The Gladio Protocol. This novel set in Greece pulls on historical facts to weave an exciting suspense story about a government conspiracy which endangers the European Union, the peace between Greece and Turkey, and the economic viability of the whole of Europe. It’s lover heroes Alex Kalfas and Gitta Lehrer battle to save their beloved Greece and restore peace and prosperity in Europe and the Aegean region. Philip’s hobbies include movies, playing tennis, reading, travel Greece, flying single-engine planes, and quizzing.

If you love Clancy, Patterson or Baldacci this is a must read!

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