The Gladio Protocol

If you love Clancy, Patterson or Baldacci this is a must read!

A high octane thriller in the Clancy style which leaves you thirsty for the next chapter.

Introducing Alex Kalfas, a Greek cabinet minister and CIA sleeper.

In London and Athens, plans are being finalized to stage a military coup on the biggest religious holiday of the year in Greece.

While in northern Greece a unit of a mercenary army led by the CEO of Black Hawke, hired by the Greek Prime Minister, is destroying American installations.

The heads of government of Greece, Russia and Germany have joined together in a conspiracy to take the oil and gas assets under the Aegean Sea for themselves, precipitating a potential war with Turkey and the breakup of the European Union.

A Russian agent attached to their embassy in Washington and the beautiful Russian deputy finance minister seduce Laura Foot, a CIA analyst into a honey trap affair.

Alex Kalfas, with Gitta Lehrer a beautiful Stazi double agent to help him, finds himself in a race against time to stop the governments of Greece, Germany and Russia from succeeding in their devilish plans.

However, John Dexter, the CEO of Black Hawke has ideas of his own……

If you love Clancy, Patterson or Baldacci this is a must read!