51PGIwqHRrL._SX396_BO1,204,203,200_Is GOD vindictive and judgemental? Is the World a place of punishment?

“What if everything we have been taught to believe about this World and about GOD is all wrong?”

Remember that all the holy books ever written about God and this World were written when people were ignorant of even the most basic laws of the world! Because they were written during the Age of Ignorance, these tomes were full of contradictions, superstitions and fantasy.

In the GOD Soliloquy, GOD speaks out against False Doctrines that have kept Humans Enslaved to Fear!

HE also gives us a better, more optimistic and encouraging view of the world.

We are introduced to The New Commandments that will help us live a Happier Life Here as well as in the Hereafter.

The New Commandments ask the following searching questions:

Is it possible for us to live a Joyful Life here in this world OR only in the Afterlife?

According to the GOD Soliloquy, it is not only possible to live joyfully here and now, it is what we are supposed to do. We are NOT programmed for misery – only for joy!

How then do we live joyfully? By using our GOD given Mind to focus on our dreams with Imagination and Faith and by taking Action immediately when prompted to by our Intuition.

Our Intuition is our link to the Universal Mind which is connected to all things and hence can help us achieve our dreams easier. This Universal Mind is aware of all things, so that it can synergistically create the correct situations by connecting the right people and circumstances, just so that you can enjoy lucky breaks and synchronicities!

The Universe wants you to have everything that you desire! GOD’s desire for you is the same as your desire for yourself!

Does GOD need your Worship?

NO says the GOD Soliloquy! Ritual Worship is unnecessary. If so how then do we show our reverence to GOD?

These and many other soul-searching questions are answered in the GOD Soliloquy.

These revolutionary answers can change Your Life almost overnight!

Get ‘The GOD Soliloquy’ today and see how YOUR life can change!

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” This book can change things!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Saleh Mohammed Radaideh

The God Soliloquy is unlike anything I’ve read before. Gopi Menon beautifully and eloquently puts his shoes in the shoes of God with absolutely no sense of demagogue or mania, but only with humility and love to the human race. I’ve always thought that people should put themselves into the shoes of God and then try to deduce whether God ever wanted us to hate and separate ourselves through organized religion. However, it’s truly great that we have someone as philosophically brilliant and inspired, to be able to have the courage to humbly and passionately be a spokesperson as a favor to God, dis-enthralling us from the misconceptions we have about religion and God, ranging from worship to theological concepts of God.

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