The Graduate’s Handbook – Your No Non-Sense Guide for What Comes Next by Clark Gaither, MD

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The most memorable gift you can give to a new graduate is sound advice for a successful life.

In his second book, author Clark Gaither gives his best advice in The Graduate’s Handbook, highlighting the hardest easy lessons he’s ever learned. For a head start on a life of passion and purpose, this gift book imbues graduates with hope, inspiration, motivation, and the truth about living life on life’s terms.

The Graduate’s Handbook is more than a thoughtful gift book―it offers insight on careers, procrastination, reality-based living, fear, failure, and relationships. Page after page includes profound quotations from the author himself and dozens of successful authors, philosophers, and historical figures.

“We are glorious creatures of the universe destined to accomplish, to build, to produce, to create, to innovate.”

Graduates can make this book extra special by writing their future goals in the front, which they can look back on years from now to see how far they’ve come! Each gift book includes an area for inscription to make it a personal gift from you.

Whether you’re buying for a high school or college graduate, this keepsake will guide and teach them for many years to come!
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“A Gift You Need To Buy For Every Graduate!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By mark minard

Makes the perfect gift for every graduate! I really love this book as it’s filled with the perfect amount of inspiration and wisdom to help anyone, not just graduating, but who’s in any type of transition in life!

About the Author

My name is A. Clark Gaither, MD, FAAFP. I’m a board certified family physician currently living outside Asheville, NC. I’m also author, blogger, speaker, corporate consultant, and personal life coach. Also known as Dr. Burnout, I’m an expert in the identification, mitigation, and prevention of physician job-related burnout.

I’ve so very much enjoyed my career in medicine. Private practice has been an education far beyond what I was taught in medical school. It has been a privilege. Public speaking has been a large part. I have presented hundreds of lectures throughout the southeastern United States to physicians and the public on hypertension, cholesterol disorders, smoking cessation, alcoholism/recovery, physician burnout and other health related topics. I now deliver talks on struggle, overcoming adversity, change and the power of choice.

In May of 2015, I released his first book, POWERFUL WORDS. The book contains stories from my life and the lives of my family, friends and patients which have helped to define me. It is through our stories powerful words and messages emerge which I believe can help others with living life on life’s terms. Within the pages of my book you can discover your own secret words of power and language for personal success and maximizing your impact through emotional connections. My book will show you how.

In April 2016 my second book was published, The Graduate’s Handbook – Your No Non-Sense Guide for What Comes Next. It is a gift book for graduating high school, college and graduate students of any age. I wrote this book because I came to a startling diagnosis. Our educational system is committing educational malpractice almost everywhere you look. If you are the parent of a high school, college or graduate school student, it grieves me to inform you they have not yet been taught everything they need to know about living life on life’s terms, even after earning their degrees. There are definite gaps in their education. A classroom is where learning takes place. Life outside the classroom is where your real education takes place. It is particularly distressing our current educational system is not properly preparing graduates for life outside the classroom.

Everything I’m seeing, from unmarketable degrees, difficulty finding jobs, graduates moving back in with their parents, graduates taking jobs outside their area of concentrated study or jobs which require no degree at all, tells me educational malpractice is happening. And the cost of all of this? College graduates are getting out of school with mortgages and no house! They’re called student loans.

THE GRADUATE’S HANDBOOK will fill the gaps in a graduate’s education. It contains a collection of the hardest easy lessons I’ve ever learned.

I’m an avid runner/hiker and also enjoy scuba diving, woodworking and amateur astronomy. I love to explore new places and have new experiences so I’m simply nuts about travel!

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